Office furniture goes smart

Smart Design for Smart People

Sinetica reinvents the concept of office furniture by proposing innovative design collections with chairs, meeting tables, desks and furniture designed for the evolution of the office environment in recent years. Design creations that overturn traditional furnishing paradigms and exploit technological innovations to offer modular structures suited to the contemporary working world.

Projects that modify operating spaces and executive areas, giving them the flexibility needed to compete in international markets and capable of truly adapting to the needs of their users. In this way, office furniture becomes smart.

Sinetica is a brand of Faram 1957 Spa, an internationally recognised Italian excellence in mobile partitions and office furniture.

Since 1957 Faram has been a reference point in architecture and design for the production of office furniture at a high functional, technological and qualitative level.

We create spaces for working and living, considering that the new buzzwords for places and professional interactions are versatility, sharing, ergonomics.

We imagine the spaces of the future, we create and offer solutions for office furniture capable of fostering creativity and individual and collective wellbeing; aware that workspaces host so much of life and must, for this reason, be the result of accurate analysis, innovative set-ups and tailor-made solutions for each project.